Why Did Alexa Chung Delete Her ‘Sexy Karl Lagerfeld Dream’ Tweet?

What dreams may come.
What dreams may come. Photo: Dominique Charriau/WireImage

You know when you wake up from an intense, vivid dream and you’re all sweaty, irrational, and confused about what’s real and what’s not? That’s probably not a good time to go on Twitter. But lucky for the Internet, Alexa Chung tweeted this morning, “Woah I just had a strange (sexy) Karl Lagerfeld dream. I don’t want to talk about it,” only to remove it ten minutes later. But Buzzfeed Shift got a screencap first, so now we get to speculate about why she took it down. Well, besides the obvious reasons, like the awkward prospect of sharing the details of said dream with Karl at some point. 

Perhaps she’s holding out for her own fresco? In which case, wouldn’t announcing sexy Karl dreams be more help than hindrance? Discuss.

Photo: Buzzfeed
Why Did Alexa Chung Delete That Sexy Karl Tweet?