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Watch Anna Wintour Talk About Gay Marriage, Sweatpants, and Batter-Fried Shrimp

We’ll cut to the chase: Last night, Stephen Colbert asked Anna Wintour about something we’ve all wanted to know for years. Here’s how it went.

Colbert: Is there ever a time when you can not care about fashion? Do you ever say to yourself, “to hell with this,” and just put on a pair of zebra-striped sweatpants, and go to Long John Silver’s and just lose yourself in a pile of batter-fried shrimp?
Wintour: Well, I haven’t done it recently, but maybe now you suggest it, perhaps I should try it?
Colbert: Perhaps you and I —
Wintour: Together!
Colbert: Could go bobbing for French fries!
Wintour: Why not? It’s a date!

So, in other words, sort of like an awkward scene from a romantic comedy. However, it wasn’t all warm and fuzzy. Wintour got visibly prickly when Colbert brought up The Devil Wears Prada after she gave her spiel about the Met Costume Institute’s new exhibit.

Wintour: A designer like Miuccia Prada, she’s going far deeper than just simply things that you put on your back. She’s examining things that are happening in the world through art, through film, through music, and that’s really what this exhibition is really trying to talk about.
Colbert: Well, I don’t really trust Prada.
Wintour: Well you’re wro— 
Colbert: Because my understanding is, the devil wears Prada. And this is a Christian nation, madam!
Wintour: That movie was so last year. I mean, we’ve gone way beyond that movie.

To be fair, she’s got to be tired of interviewers bringing it up every single time she’s on TV. Good luck with that sweatpants date ever happening! Anyway, she also addressed gay marriage (“I am thrilled. There were tears in the office at Vogue today in the support of gay marriage. We’re thrilled about the president”) and Colbert’s outfit (“Don’t you think you could take a few more risks with the way you’re dressing?”). Watch the full clip here. 

Wintour on Gay Marriage and Batter-Fried Shrimp