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Cindy Barshop Hopes Teens Will Bring Her Waxing Kits to Sleep-Away Camp

Who really needs bugspray, anyway.
Who really needs bugspray, anyway.

Former Real Housewives cast member Cindy Barshop, champion of the Vajewel and owner of Completely Bare waxing salons, is launching a line of at-home waxing kits sold at CVS. So, instead of suffering the indignity of paying a stranger to rip hair off your vagina, you can just do it yourself in your own living room with a bottle of tequila at your elbow. In comparison to a professional wax, Barshop’s kits are quite affordable — each retails for less than $17. But, as someone who knows someone whose disastrous at-home wax attempt resulted in her resorting to paint thinner to pry the strips off (yes, she went to a hardware store with wax all over her bikini line under her clothes), we’re cautious of trying this at home. But Barshop is convinced that this will be a hit, particularly among specific demographics. 

Reports WWD:

Barshop anticipates the products will play well with sports enthusiasts, teenagers, the gay community and underserved ethnic markets. “This is going to be a game changer,” she said, adding that the portability of several of the items — such as the no-heat strips — allow for travel. “You can throw these in your suitcase or camp bag,” she said. 

Oh, camp! So when the strips won’t come off and you’re stuck in the backwoods of New Hampshire, you can get the camp nurse to feed you some Motrin and have a go at them herself. 

Barshop’s Waxing Kits Made for Sleep-Away Camp