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Disgruntled Dad Says Scottish Fashion Awards Were Rigged

Model Tara Nowy.
Model Tara Nowy. Photo: Splash News

Model Tara Nowy was nominated for “Model of the Year” at Monday’s Scottish Fashion Awards, but lost to the better known Tali Lennox. Now her dad, Derek Dick, formerly known as “Fish” when he was a member of eighties rock band Marillion, has accused the organization of rigging the winners and mistreating the models backstage, where they were kept for hours “in freezing air conditioned rooms with hardly anything to eat or drink.” Unsurprisingly, the Awards’ founder and organizer, Tessa Hartman, has denied his accusations and chalked up his complaints to sour grapes. “It was a long day and you want your daughter to win. He has over-reacted, like an emotional father,” she said. “We haven’t had any other complaints. I think it’s a classical Scottish thing when you don’t win to throw your toys out of the pram.” (Confession: We wrote this entire post just so we could quote that expression. Isn’t it great? Use it today.)

Disgruntled Dad Says Fashion Awards Were Rigged