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Lauren Hutton Chopped Her Hair Off Herself

Stella McCartney and Lauren Hutton.
Stella McCartney and Lauren Hutton. Photo: Jamie McCarthy/WireImage

Anne Hathaway wasn’t the only freshly shorn celebrity at the carnival-themed Stella McCartney resort presentation last night: Lauren Hutton was also there with her new short hair, which she apparently cut herself. “I was closing up a house, and it felt like I needed more closure,” she explained. “I guess I was depressed. I’d been doing that thing where I read the Economist too much. You know, reading it front to back for weeks on end isn’t always good for you.” But she took a positive approach to her ennui: “Instead of suicide, I ran into the kitchen and grabbed a pair of poultry shears. I grabbed one half and went whack, and then I grabbed the other side and went whack again! Then, two weeks later, I was here in New York and had my guy clean it up.” Has she ever done that before? “This is the first time in my life that I cut my hair. When I went back to modeling when I was 48, I did have short hair, but that was because the stove in my loft had blown up in my face. I lost my eyebrows, everything.”