From Winona Ryder to Mary-Kate Olsen: A Tribute to Goth-y Brunettes

Mary Kate Olsen. Photo: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen made big news the other night when they won the CFDA Womenswear Designer of the Year award for their clothing line the Row. Equally big news: Mary-Kate showed up to the ceremony with dark hair! Yes, MK  has gone and hit the bottle once more, this time opting for a sophisticated-yet-sultry shade of chocolate brown. In honor of her newly dyed look, we’ve compiled a slideshow of  brunette ladies who fall far from the girl-next-door stereotype — women who are more likely to swig bourbon than sip Chardonnay. Maybe it comes with the territory, but among them there’s a Brad Pitt–seducer (Angelina Jolie), a 90210 superbitch (Shannen Doherty), a born-again vampire (Kristen Stewart), and a shoplifter (Winona Ryder), who must also be noted as once having dated everyone’s favorite bad-boy man-candy, Johnny Depp.

Mary-Kate Olsen: A Tribute to Goth-y Brunettes