Perry Michaelson: ‘Did You Know That Ansel Adams Sexually Molested Every Mountain in Yosemite Park?’

Funny or Die takes on Terry Richardson in its latest video spoof, which stars Perry Michaelson, “one of the hottest fashion photographers in the world.” Cut to a plaid-shirt-wearing Perry shouting, “I AM YOUR FREEDOM!” at one of his models (okay, okay, we don’t think the real Terry is that short-fused). Perry tells the camera, “Photographers I admire: Herb Ritts, Man Ray, Ansel Adams. Did you know that Ansel Adams sexually molested every mountain in Yosemite Park?” He also gives a tour of his studio, explaining, “This is where I did that shot of Miley Cyrus suckling the eel. Over here is where I develop the film and the pictures. And this is the dark room — that’s where I keep some of the darkest stuff. Oh, do you guys want to see where I keep the models? It’s an old abandoned well.” At the end, Perry admits, “Yes, a lot of people think I’m creepy. I don’t know why — maybe it’s the glasses. But I’m getting to live my dream, and that dream is to roofie girls, put my wang on their face, and then hide them in the trunk of my car.”

Perry Michaelson: Ansel Adams Molested Mountains