See Queen Elizabeth With Corgis, a Panda, Elephants, and Other Animals

95g33/huch/1458/hw0758 Photo: Lisa Sheridan/Getty Images

It’s a well-known fact that members of the stiff-lipped British upper class only display affection (like touching or smiling warmly) upon animals. In most cases, this means dogs and horses, but for Queen Elizabeth II, there’s a whole kingdom of creatures to dote on. As you’ll see in our slideshow, many of her royal duties over the years have involved interactions with various beasts — ponies and corgis, of course, but also elephants, a panda, a duck, a ferret, several goats, and one unfortunate tiger (blame Prince Philip). In celebration of this weekend’s Diamond Jubilee festivities, enjoy these photos of Her Majesty in various states of joy and/or bewilderment as she mingles with her animal subjects. 

See the Queen With Corgis, a Panda, and a Duck