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Slideshow: Is Candy-Colored ‘My Little Pony’ Hair Too Much of a Good Thing?

The latest trend that won’t die, no matter how much we all want it to, is the dip-dyed, Crayola-hued dye job. Yesterday, Kendra Spears’s Rainbow Brite–worthy cover for July’s Vogue Germany made the rounds, and last week, Nicole Richie went partially neon pink. Others who have helped spread the trend include Nicki Minaj with her kaleidoscopic dos, Katy Perry and her signature Smurf-blue coif, and Kelly Osbourne and her purple old-lady hair. But respect should be given where respect is due. So we’ve put together a slideshow featuring the original gangsters of candy-colored manes, Hasbro’s My Little Pony characters, and their celebrity hair twins.

Katy Perry and Princess Celestia.

Besides their blue, side-swept hair, these two also have similar celestial powers. The Princess is keeper of the sun, moon, and stars in her realm, while the songstress can shoot firecrackers from her bustier in ours.

Avril Lavigne and Glimmer Wings Ploomette.

With a name like Glimmer Wings Ploomette, multi-colored, Crayola hair is expected. Pastel hair and sparkling tiara doesn’t seem so Sk8tr grl.

Charlotte Free and Fluttershy.

Fluttershy is known for her power of kindness, while Free is just known for keeping her hair pink, still.

Azealia Banks and Twilight Sparkle.

Twilight Sparkle spends her days maintaining the library as Ponyville’s cheif librarian. Banks wishes she has a tiny pink owl for a buddy, too.

Carrie Underwood and Lulu Luck.

Underwood is just two chipmunks-in-a-wagon away from being Lulu Luck’s doppelganger.

Kelly Osbourne and Berry Punch Flower Filly.

Osbourne could benefit from a tip or two on just how Berry Punch keeps her colors so damn punchy.

Rihanna and Rose Flower Filly.

The missing link here is Game of Thrones’ Melisandre, the ginger-haired goddess who birthed a demon man-baby.

Pixie Geldof and Cheerilee Flower Filly.

Pixie Geldof is actually in fact a My Little Pony, just in human form.

Nicki Minaj and Pinkie Pie.

Something tells me sweet little Pinkie Pie and her mouse friend would be appalled by Minaj’s alter-ego, Roman Zolanksi. Appalled.

Lady Gaga and Apple Jack.

Apple Jack was born this way, Lady Gaga was not.

Slideshow: The ‘My Little Pony’ Hair-Color Trend