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The Alexander Berardi Bunny Kidnapping Case Goes to Court

The rescue operation.
The rescue operation.

You may recall that, back in March, designer Alexander Berardi’s pet bunny, Miss Cooper, was kidnapped from his Soho boutique by a homeless couple disguised in cowboy hats. Miss Cooper was then saved by a third homeless person, who kindly whisked her to the safety of a local police station in a fish tank full of Apple Jacks cereal. The bunny-napper was subsequently identified as 62-year-old Thomas Smith, who confessed to stealing Miss Cooper for his girlfriend while he was drunk, according to the Post.

Smith plead guilty in court yesterday, where, in an interesting twist, the judge noticed that this was Smith’s second animal theft in the past five years — back in 2007, he served fifteen days in jail for taking someone’s German shepherd that had been tied up outside of a Duane Reade in Greenwich Village. The judge sentenced Smith to time served, as he’s been sitting in jail since his arrest in March. 

The Soho Bunny Kidnapping Case Goes to Court