Supreme Court Cites Nicole Richie’s Prada Purse Comment As an ‘Incident of Alleged Indecency’

Nicole Richie.
Nicole Richie. Photo: Michael Tran/FilmMagic

The Supreme Court ruled against the FCC today for failing to punish television networks for airing “indecent broadcasts” — namely, some specific instances where swear words and partial nudity were beamed into living rooms across America. The decision will affect how the FCC polices such matters, but far more important, the court documents reference Nicole Richie — namely because the FCC failed to punish Fox for an “incident” that occurred at the Billboard Music Awards in 2003: 

There, a person named Nicole Richie made the following unscripted remark while presenting an  award: “Have you ever tried to get cow s*** out of a Prada purse? It’s not so f***ing simple.”

And that, folks, is how to go down in history. While we’re at it, there’s this hilarious passage about sideboob and “buttocks” on NYPD Blue:

The third in­cident involved an episode of NYPD Blue, a regular tele­vision show broadcast by respondent ABC Television Network. The episode broadcast on February 25, 2003, showed the nude buttocks of an adult female character for approximately seven seconds and for a moment the side of her breast. During the scene, in which the character was preparing to take a shower, a child portraying her boy­friend’s son entered the bathroom. A moment of awk­wardness followed. 404 Fed. Appx. 530, 533–534 (CA2 2011).

Sadly, the court didn’t find it necessary to define the “buttocks” as belonging to “a person named Charlotte Ross, playing Detective Connie McDowell.”

Supreme Court Cites Nicole Richie’s Prada Purse