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Terry Richardson Made Another Kate Upton Video, This Time With a ‘Wardrobe Malfunction’

Terry Richardson’s first video of Kate Upton was briefly banned by YouTube because of its “nudity or sexual content” (it was later reinstated, as she’s not technically nude, and now has almost 8 million views). Today, he put up another film, titled “The Many Talents of Kate Upton,” that shows a series of outtakes from the GQ photo shoot that didn’t make it into the magazine’s behind-the-scenes video. Richardson shows Upton engaging in various jiggle-inducing activities like running in a bikini, dancing in a bikini, hula-hooping in a bikini, losing her halter top on an amusement park ride (which she recounted during her GQ interview), and dancing in a bikini some more. And in case you want to see more of that very nipple-y wet T-shirt money shot at the end, Richardson put a GIF of it on his blog [NSFW, in case you hadn’t already assumed]. Where is Vogue to provide flowery descriptions of these “cinema verité classics” when we need them?

Terry Richardson Made Another Kate Upton Video