Video: See a Bunch of Wedding Disasters Just in Time for Wedding Season

Every bride hopes for a perfect wedding day, but when you combine a nervous wreck, a white dress, and loads of money, shit happens. If there’s a long train, it’s going to be stepped on and will subsequently tear; meanwhile, any red wine in the vicinity will wind up down the bodice. With all of the heightened emotions surrounding the big day, a slap (or several) to the face may be in order, provided the bride’s not having a complete and utter panic attack. Finally, not to get all gross on you, but who can find the strength to properly use the bathroom clad in such an ornate and heavy gown? (While Bridesmaids may have had a small toilet problem, it’s not just those ladies who needed to use the facilities in creative ways!) From Sixteen Candles to Sex and the City, here are the best onscreen wedding disasters.

Video: See a Bunch of Wedding Disasters