What to Expect From the J.Crew Sample Sale


Yesterday afternoon, we got a preview of all that awaits the predictably long line of people outside today’s J. Crew sample sale. And there is quite a lot: Racks are arranged by clothing type, with J.Crew womenswear in the front, men’s off to the left, Madewell in the center, and shoes, Crewcuts, accessories, and more women’s clothes in the back. What dominates both the men’s and women’s sections are the button-down shirts, which come in a good variety of different sizes and styles — including many items from this season that are still for sale online. If you have one item in mind that you’ve hoping to find, chances are you’ll see it — but not necessarily in your size. The motto of the sale is “what’s out is what’s out,” so if you can only find the neon-pink silk blouse you’ve been eyeing for months in a 12T and zero, don’t try to ask if there are more sizes in the stockroom. (Yes, the sale will be restocked regularly, but no one will go find a specific size for you if you ask.) The mens section is similarly hectic — there are a ton of shirts in many different sizes, but it looks like only a few of each style are available. 

The biggest challenge of the sale is that there are no changing rooms. This complicates the fact that many of the items in the womens section aren’t labeled with sizes — they are true “samples” that appear to be anywhere on the size-four to -ten spectrum. There are a few floor-length mirrors next to the Crewcuts racks, where women (and maybe men!) will inevitably strip, because desperate times call for desperate measures in a sample-sale world.

Silk/Woven Shirts: $30
Suiting/Dress/Denim Shirts: $40
Tanks/Tees/Polos: $15
Wool/Cotton Sweaters: $35
Cashmere Sweaters: $90
Flats/Sandals/Espadrilles: $65
Heels/Ankle Boots: $100
Medium/Large Leather Bags: $120
Small Leather Bags: $80
One-Piece Swimsuit: $40
Two-Piece Swimsuit: $25 (each)
Cotton/Jersey Dress: $30
Party/Wear to Work Dress: $60
Accessories: $15-$60
Suiting Jackets/Blazers: $110

Button Downs: $30
Cotton/Wool Sweaters: $35
Cashmere Sweaters: $90
Tees: $15
Bathing Suits/Shorts: $25
Outerwear: $60
Dress Pants: $70
Suiting Jackets/Blazers: $110