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You Are the Fourth Top Model Judge, Not Bryanboy

In a message uploaded to YouTube yesterday, Tyra tells the camera, “I’m on the set of America’s Next Top Model, and I just finished a judging, and it was a very dramatic judging. I just want you to know that your comments and videos are so important. You are the fourth judge! Yes, you guys are voting and it’s been amazing,” referring to next season’s audience participation component. She cuts to footage from an upcoming episode, which features a veiled Bryanboy — who isn’t seated with judges Kelly Cutrone and Rob Evans — but is instead doing crowd control of sorts for the social media fans. In one video submission, a shaggy-haired gentleman opines, “[This contestant’s] heads and shoulders above the rest. I think she’s the only one that has a contemporary fashion look,” while his girlfriend is more interested in the Popsicle that she’s eating. “Said over a Popsicle,” Tyra remarks. Yes, these are the people still watching your show.