Anne Hathaway Plays With Smiley Audience Member’s Look on Jimmy Fallon

After telling Kelly Ripa on Thursday, “Cutting my hair reduced me to mental-patient-level crying,” the actress dropped by Late Night With Jimmy Fallon on Friday, where she starred in a recurring segment called “Let Us Play With Your Look.” For those of you new to the show, the sketch involves Jimmy Fallon (dressed in a short, blond wig and a white ensemble) singing “Let us play with your look” on loop, while the guest (also clad in a short, blond wig and a white-and-gold outfit) selects someone from the crowd to have various liquids dumped on his or her head. After getting pretty close to one woman’s face, Anne picked a bespectacled gentleman sitting a row ahead and led him to the stage, ultimately pouring a spray bottle of water all over him. And he kept smiling the whole time! No crying of any kind! Really, what a good sport.

Anne Hathaway on Jimmy Fallon