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Flash Mob Steals Nudie Jeans

Twenty teens made off with $3,000 worth of the in-demand denim from Chicago’s Mildblend Supply Co. on Saturday evening. Owner Luke Cho told the Sun-Times, “I see a group of kids. They’re coming in the store in a marching way, like a team. After the 15th or 16th teenager was inside I knew something bad was happening.” Cho said he and his four employees “were overwhelmed pretty quickly,” but he eventually managed to close the front door. “My staff got cuts and bruises and banged around until [the thieves] unlocked the door and got out … So, it wasn’t a complete success from their perspective, but not a complete fail,” Cho added, and he’s put the surveillance tape on YouTube, should anyone see a familiar face. Along with the Nudies, the flash mob also swiped some Naked & Famous jeans.