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Robin Givhan: ‘Fashion … Is Still Seen As This Kind of Women’s Concern’

The fashion correspondent and fashion critic for Newsweek and the Daily Beast sat down for StyleBlazer’s “How I Made It” series to discuss how she got her gig at the Washington Post, how she found her voice, how she responds to people interested in writing about the industry, and, most notably, how she felt in 2006 when she won the Pulitzer Prize for criticism. She tells the camera, “I know, any journalist, initially, they’re going to lie to you and say, ‘No, I never think about this,’ but in the darkest recesses of their little sort of reptilian brain, there’s this little, tiny spot where they’re going, Oh, wouldn’t that be cool? And when I found out, I was just completely floored.” She adds, “Probably one of the most gratifying things after winning was I got such an outpouring of support from the industry. Mostly women, because with newspapers, certainly, it’s mostly been women who’ve covered the fashion industry, and several of them said that they were so thrilled and felt that it had elevated them in the eyes of their own newsroom because so often, fashion, even though it’s a billion-dollar industry, is still seen as this kind of women’s concern.”

Givhan: Fashion … Is Seen As a Women’s Concern