What to Expect From the Theyskens’ Theory and Helmut Lang Sample Sale


The  Theyskens’ Theory and Helmut Lang sample sale opened to the public today, and besides air-conditioning and shelter from the torrential rain, the best part of the sale is the sheer quantity of merchandise. On the Theyskens’ Theory side, blazers and silk tops fill multiple racks and are available in a range of styles and sizes. Though there are fewer dresses and skirts, chances are you’ll still find something good. Another bonus: A lot of what’s on the racks is still more expensive online, like the Drajee Igem dress, the Brunla Franky top, and the Jigal Folgna jacket (no additional discount for being able to pronounce those names). Theyskens’ handbags take up a small corner by the door and include everything from dark suede satchels to neon trim purses, priced between $79 and $169.

As for the Helmut Lang side, draped knit dresses and dark jackets dominate. Certain dresses are only stocked in sizes zero through four, while others fall between six and ten, but for some, there’s a full size run on hand. The variety of jackets (think leather, fur-trimmed, wool, and/or feathered) spans petite through large. Skirts and pants hang in a separate area and include pebbled leather pants in gray and blue, the Fulcrum Print skirt, and the leather Side Waist Tab skirt.

One potential problem at the sample sale is that most items aren’t individually marked with prices; instead there’s a sign listing the price ranges. So, to find out whether you can take that silk-printed Helmut Lang number that you’ve already fallen in love with home to meet your boyfriend and/or cat, you have to ask a salesperson to scan it and then determine if the cost is a deal-breaker. However, one big plus is the dressing room — spacious and filled with empty racks behind a curtained area, with small mirrors scattered throughout. Bottom line: Run there! Now! While there’s still lots of great stuff to spend your money on.

93 Mercer St. at Spring St.; W (10–8), Th (8–8), F–Sa (10–7), Su (11–6). Through 7/22.

Theyskens’ Theory
Leather: $299
Jackets: $189-$449
Pants: $129
Skirts: $119
Sweaters: $109-189
Tops: $99-149
Bags: $79-$169
Casual Bottoms: $69
Dresses: $59-$199
T-shirts: $49
Belts: $39

Helmut Lang
Belts: $39
T-shirts: $49
Casual Bottoms: $69
Tops: $79-139
Dresses: $79-239
Skirts: $79
Bags: $99-269
Sweaters: $109
Jackets: $189-249
Leather Pants: $229
Leather Dresses: $299
Leather Jackets/Outerwear: $349
Fur: $399

Helmut Lang/Theyskens’ Theory Sample Preview