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I Do Not Believe This Picture of Kristen Stewart Crying Is From Yesterday

Breaking mystery.
Breaking mystery. Photo: AKM Images / GSI Media

Look, I know we’ve gone a little crazy with this whole l’affair KStew thing, but it needs to be on the record: This photo of “a teary-eyed Kristen Stewart,” purportedly taken shortly after she issued her public apology for cheating on Robert Pattinson, looks suspiciously like the above photo from July 19. Same Adidas tee and rolled-up gym shorts. Same sunglasses. Same rings on the same fingers, same hair bands on the same wrist, same un-chipped robin’s-egg blue manicure. What’s the chance her manicure lasted six days without chips? Particularly if she was crying and rending her garments because her boyfriend left her?

I cannot confirm anything. But. We got the above photo from AKM-GSI, the same source Just Jared did. And they were definitely taken on July 19.

On the off chance she really did replicate the look completely, though, I submit that you, too, could get Kristen Stewart’s flawless breakup manicure by checking out The Cut’s guide to lasting manicures. (See? Fashion.)

I Don’t Believe Kristen Stewart Is Crying Here