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Karl Lagerfeld Was Really on a Roll Last Night

Karl Lagerfeld celebrated his new Olympics-themed collection at Selfridges in London last night, where he said and did a whole bunch of hilarious things amid an entourage of strapping, handsome bodyguards. Naturally, he was subjected to a barrage of questions on subjects ranging from Kate Middleton to the Olympics to Choupette, and so we’ve done you the favor of consolidating all his quotes in one place. 

On multitasking: 

I think inspiration is a muscle. You must use this muscle all the time. The more you do, the more ideas you have. I don’t believe in waiting for inspiration on beaches. I believe in the job, on the spot.

On seeing people dress like him

It’s difficult for me to say because it’s me. It’s a strange feeling that I’d rather not analyse but I am very pleased.

On Kate Middleton: 

She has a divine silhouette so she can wear anything. She has a sense of what’s right for the moment because you can not dress like a mad woman in those situations.

On Choupette

I never expected to like a cat because I’ve had dogs in the past but Choupette is fragile. She goes to the doctors every 10 days to check her weight and see if everything is okay. She even has a personal maid … She’s very clever. Generally cats don’t speak but when she wants something, she just sits in front of it. It’s unbelievable … Her fur is so beautiful. She’s like a huge powderpuff with blue eyes. People are stunned by her … Soon people will talk more about Choupette than about me!

On working with Victoria Beckham

I’m a great admirer of hers. She’s a great example to tons of women; to have her four children, an incredible look and she’s clever. I know her from her days as a Spice Girl. Her designs are not bad at all, they’re good. She’s totally unpretentious. She brought one of her sons with her [on the shoot] and he was the sweetest boy, because often children of celebrities aren’t pleasant. This boy was perfection … He’s handsome, cute, polite. I know children of celebrities and I can tell you, you can keep them at home.

On his Olympics-themed collection:

It’s a joke. It’s an inspiration. In a way, it’s me. So I have to be careful not to get too much into it, because I don’t expect everybody to dress like me. That’s why I like this collection with the t-shirt to make a joke out of me, because I think I’m a cartoon.

He is a cartoon! A discus-clutching character, to be exact.

Karl Lagerfeld Was Really on a Roll Last Night