the karl of it all

Karl Lagerfeld Identifies Question That He Is ‘Not Pretentious Enough to Answer’

Standing in front of his promlike backdrop, the designer speaks about Chanel’s recent, “new vintage”-themed show (including his pochette handbags). He remarks, “The couture has to be something nobody can do. You know the tweed, they are not tweeds — it’s embroidery, all done by hand. There’s a coat with no sleeves that took 3,000 hours to make.” When asked whether he thinks his collection will start a revolution in terms of the idea of vintage and fashion, he responds, “You know, I’m not pretentious enough to answer that question. It’s a proposition … I call it that way and [it’s] up to you and the public to see whatever they want … but it’s not [for] me to say that.” Not pretentious enough? Sounds like Karl — and Choupette, of course — could use a vacation. Two first-class tickets to Saint Tropez, s’il vous plaît.

Lagerfeld ‘Not Pretentious Enough to Answer’