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Let Alexander McQueen’s New Campaign Video Help Your Tuesday Along

It’s noon on Tuesday in late July, and if you’re at work, you probably wish you were someplace else, particularly if your in-box is full of random press releases about so-and-so’s beachwear and such-and-such’s summer cocktail offerings. By now, you’ve thoroughly examined that weird sunburned patch on your arm that you missed while applying sunscreen on Sunday, and you’ve finished talking about your respective weekend activities with your co-workers. It’s not quite lunchtime yet. In other words, there’s no better moment to watch Alexander McQueen’s new campaign video, which is weird and trippy and shows Suvi Koponen wearing those massive visor glasses from the fall 2012 show. And lo, you are two minutes closer to the end of your workday!

Let McQueen’s New Video Help Your Tuesday Along