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Marion Cotillard Covers Both American and Paris Vogue Editions Next Month

American Vogue's cover (left) and French Vogue's cover (right).
American Vogue’s cover (left) and French Vogue’s cover (right). Photo: Vogue

What a convenient reason to play Which Cover Looks Better! American Vogue’s was probably shot by either Peter Lindbergh or Mario Testino, while Paris Vogue’s is by Mario Sorrenti. Cotillard’s gorgeous in both pictures, but the latter shot is definitely a more intimate, sexy portrait. On the other hand, the American version has her looking all freshly scrubbed and natural, which is a nice change. (The blue velvet blazer looks like it’s from Ralph Lauren’s fall 2012 collection.) Anyway, one wonders about the conversation between the two editions (if indeed they had one at all) about having the same cover girl  — did Emmanuelle angle for a head shot and Anna argue for a waist-up? Chances are that they each just went ahead and did whatever they wanted.

Marion Cotillard Covers American and Paris Vogue