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Naomi Campbell Wants to Know The Face Hopefuls’ Three Wishes

Mentor Naomi.
Mentor Naomi.

Later this month, the upcoming Oxygen series, which will show models competing to become the spokeswoman for a national brand, plans to hold two open calls (one in New York and one in L.A.) to cast its first season. In a press release, Mentor Naomi says:

I’m looking for contestants who have the whole package — a beautiful face; healthy, toned body; unique look; interesting personality; confidence; and, above all, strong work ethic and drive. … Most importantly, I’m looking for a model with a fearless spirit who can completely transform like a chameleon, and take you on a unique journey that makes you believe that even the impossible is possible.

Before the “fearless spirits” turn up, they’re strongly encouraged to complete a participant application. And questions include, “Do you take direction well? (YES/NO) If you answered NO, please explain,” and, “How will you respond to judges/mentors giving you constructive criticism and advice?” There’s also, “If you had Aladdin’s lamp and 3 wishes, what would you wish for? (Rule: you can’t wish for money or more wishes).” Darn it — of course we’d wish for more wishes.

Naomi Campbell and The Face Hopefuls