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You’ll Be Able to Shop the Next Barneys Warehouse Sale Online!

Barneys. Photo: Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Anyone who has ever been within a one-block radius of the biannual Barneys New York warehouse sale knows what a nuthouse it is. There are people lined up down the street, people lined up at the registers inside, and people lined up just to look at the shoes. Since there are no dressing rooms, there is unabashed nudity. Oh, and there’s wildly discounted designer stuff everywhere, which means that everyone has that frenzied, crazy look in their eyes because they’re convinced they’re going to find something amazing for unbelievably cheap … as long as no one else finds it first. It is, in other words, not for the faint of heart. But this fall, Barneys is making the sale available online before it even hits the racks — so that you can shop in an infinitely more civilized manner and not have to take your pants off in front of your fellow shoppers while your friend tries (unsuccessfully) to shield you from view. WWD reports that you can even preview the sale — which starts in August —  now, here.

The Next Barneys Warehouse Sale Will Be Online!