Olympic Nail Art: A Cut Team Throwdown

Photo: Melissa Hom

The Olympics are here, and as you may have noticed, The Cut team is amped. Just some of the things we’re looking forward to: The Spice Girls, the royals, a closing ceremony fashion show (?), and most importantly, Ryan Lochte’s abs. To get into the spirit of healthy competition, I challenged the staff to take on the yet-to-be-recognized-but-possibly-should-be-considered Olympic sport of nail art. This is Cut staffer versus Cut staffer: Where art school degrees are challenged and surgeon-steady hands are put to the test. The games began last week, when I called in a slew of polishes and then set the team loose on my bounty. The theme, of course, was the 2012 Summer Olympics. The rules: All artwork must be your own handiwork. Click through to see what the staff came up with and how I rated the gold, silver, and bronze medals based on level of difficulty and creativity.