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Ryan Lochte Participates in the U.S. Swim Team’s ‘Call Me Maybe’ Video

A quick scan of the news on this Friday morning turned up this video of the U.S. Olympic swim team lip-synching “Call Me Maybe,” which we immediately clicked on because: a) Our Olympic fever is so intense that we are actually having a Cut staff Olympic-themed nail art competition, which I will lose (yes, really — check back for the results next week), and b) U.S. swim team = Ryan Lochte, and we’ve established that Lochte’s tenuous link to fashion gives us blanket permission to write about/look at pictures of him as much as possible. We were not disappointed: Lochte indeed makes an appearance, and while he doesn’t actually mouth words, he does blow a kiss. Happy Friday, everybody!

Ryan Lochte in Swim Team’s ‘Call Me Maybe’ Video