Shop the Look: Model-Off-Duty Style

Photo: Victoria Adamson

Off-duty-model style has been a source of inspiration for countless style blogs, editorials, and designers. With their genetically blessed features and access to some of the best clothes, models can wear almost anything. Off the runway, their outfits are a blend of casually rumpled and polished, perfect for jetting to their next casting or show. Denim is always a favorite, whether it’s in the form of shorts, chambray shirts, or skinny jeans. While high heels might be a must for the catwalks, flat shoes like sandals, oxfords, or loafers give tired feet a necessary break. And to finish off a look, a luxurious handbag, most likely a gift from the designer, holds all the essentials. While getting a free Céline is not exactly an everyday occurrence for the rest of the world, achieving that perfect mix of comfortable and stylish is easily attainable and flattering, even if you’re not Karlie Kloss. Click through to see how to get some of our favorite model-off-duty looks from the likes of Joan Smalls, Hanne Gaby, Ming Xi and more.

Shop the Look: Model Off Duty