Slideshow: Chanel Couture Showgoers Posed Before a Fun, Promlike Backdrop

Anna Wintour and Karl Lagerfeld attend the Chanel Haute-Couture Show as part of Paris Fashion Week Fall / Winter 2012/13 at Grand Palais on July 3, 2012 in Paris, France. Photo: Dominique Charriau/WireImage

Today’s Chanel haute couture show at the Grand Palais in Paris was garden-party-themed, with guests sitting on white wicker chairs and staring hungrily at platters of cute, pastel-colored macarons. Under the cavernous glass ceiling, the runway was lined with rosebushes in large planters. However, once the show started, the setting was hardly visible: The lights went out, leaving only the catwalk illuminated. Indeed, it looks almost like the models were striding down a sliver of daylight into a cave. But Karl Lagerfeld would never want to evoke a place so slimy and drippy (spelunking is so late-nineties), so, instead, he was probably referencing some lovely grotto. (Famed gardener André Le Nôtre did design some nice grottos in the Gardens of Versailles, a place near and dear to Lagerfeld’s heart, but we might be taking this interpretation a little too far at this point.) Anyway, all of the show’s high-profile attendees — including Milla Jovovich, Leslie Mann, and Diane Kruger with a very dapper Joshua Jackson — were thrust in front of a promlike backdrop with trompe l’oeil stone pillars to have their photos taken. The result: Chanel-branded school dance meets fancy French garden, as you can see in our slideshow.

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Slideshow: Chanel Couture Showgoers