Slideshow: The Most Stylish People at McCarren Park Pool on Saturday

Photo: Jonathan Nesteruk

The weather was sunny and well over 90 degrees in Williamsburg on Saturday, and the line for the brand-new McCarren Park Pool stretched around the block down Berry Street. Those in the queue stared longingly toward the sapphire-blue oasis on the other side of the fence, sweating and drinking iced coffees and fanning themselves with hot air. Meanwhile, Icee vendors did a brisk business, wheeling their carts up and down the sidewalk and trying to keep cool by draping themselves with wet towels. (We saw one very wise toddler pour the contents of his Icee cup over his head, to his mom’s consternation.) In spite of the heat, plenty of folks turned out in their urban poolside best — a lively combination of breezy dresses, shorts, sunglasses, vintage T-shirts, and funky hats. See our roundup of the pool’s most stylish visitors.

Slideshow: Stylish People at McCarren Park Pool