Slideshow: Stylish Moments From the Watermill Center Summer Benefit

Photo: Dina Litovsky

Moments before performers took the stage at the Watermill Center Summer Benefit in the Hamptons, a crazy downpour transformed the grounds into a mud pit. “White was probably an unfortunate color choice,” said Peter Brant Jr., surveying his damp outfit. “I wanted to wear something light and Hamptons-y, but it’s pretty sticky out here.” He felt more appropriately dressed than the formally attired attendees, though. “Some people showed up in full-on evening gowns, and given the spirit of the party, I think that’s ridiculous. I think that maybe the word ‘gala’ was confusing on the invitation.” He continued, “I’m a firm believer in a strict dress code. You should let people know how to dress for an event, otherwise you always get a few people decked out in floor-length gowns, and then they just look out of place and feel awkward all night. I’ve definitely worn the wrong thing before, and it’s just so embarrassing.”

Speaking of awkward, Peter’s brother, Harry, said he’d recently had his hair dyed jet-black for a photo shoot. “They put all this goo in my hair and styled it to the side,” he lamented. “It took four days to wash that stuff out of my hair. I definitely felt more badass, but it was a little too James Bond. Well, if James Bond had a pudgy younger brother.” 

Click through our slideshow to see artful moments from the evening, plus guests like Tom Sachs, Joy Marks, Stacy Engman, and more.

Stylish Moments From the Watermill Benefit