One Pair of Sneakers + Five Stores = Five Relaxed Looks

Photo: Cynthia Chung

While it would be lovely to trek around town every day in the highest of heels, fighting through that kind of pain is not an option. Thankfully, sneakers have become increasingly fashionable these days, with celebrities and style bloggers taking them out of the gym and onto the town — Kristen Stewart in particular is notorious for swapping out heels for kicks on the red carpet. From classic Converse to newfangled wedge styles, athletic shoes are officially having a moment. For this edition of Take Five, Supreme’s Thea Skylstad took a pair of Nike’s Classic Cortez sneakers ($65) to five New York City boutiques, where staff members styled the shoes with the store’s offerings. See what Bird, Gamine, Brooklyn Fox, Poppy, and Oak put together in our slideshow.

Take Five: Sneakers