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YSL’s Name Change Will Only Apply to Ready-to-Wear, to Make Matters Even More Confusing

Safe. Photo: JEAN AYISSI/AFP/Getty Images

Before YSL’s new name, Saint Laurent Paris, actually starts to stick — which won’t happen for a while, let’s be honest — you should know that it won’t apply to all of the brand. According to Business of Fashion, the title change will only affect the label’s ready-to-wear line, not its beauty range (which is owned by L’Oreal) or the fashion house itself. So basically, think of this situation as being similar to how Hedi Slimane rechristened Dior’s menswear line, previously called “Christian Dior Monsieur,” to Dior Homme when he took over in 2001. Anyway, we’re just going to go ahead and keep calling it YSL for now; no sense in getting ahead of ourselves, especially since we won’t even see Slimane’s work until Paris Fashion Week.

YSL’s Name Change Only Applies to Ready-to-Wear