24-Hour Wardrobe: How to Get Sofia Coppola’s Subtle Chic Day-to-Night


Over time, many people develop a particular uniform —  a neutral sheath day after day, or perhaps some iteration of a blouse and jeans. While these habits do streamline your morning routine, sometimes you get the itch to delve into someone else’s clothes for a day. In our new feature, “24-Hour Wardrobe,” we explore the signature “day” and “evening” look of a stylish fashion personality. First up: filmmaker and Marc Jacobs muse Sofia Coppola. Known for attention to subtle detail, Coppola commands attention with her neutral yet well-cut pieces accented with classic accessories, like her namesake Louis Vuitton bag or a simple clutch. Rather than teeter in sky-high, over-embellished heels, she chooses minimal shoes with a practical height and a sturdy — yet sleek — ankle strap. She keeps jewelry to a minimum to quietly complement her look. No matter how much fun it can be to grab everyone’s attention in over-the-top pieces, sometimes it’s chicer to be the understated woman in the room. Click ahead to see a breakdown of each look and how to get it at every price point.

24-Hour Wardrobe: Sofia Coppola