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Parks and Recreation’s Adam Scott and Aziz Ansari Discuss Fashion All the Time

Adam Scott, plus bear.
Adam Scott, plus bear. Photo: Courtesy of Maxim

Adam Scott appreciates fashion, but he’s not one to take risks — which is a good thing, in his book. Appearing in the latest issue of Maxim (along with some taxidermied beasts), he says:

I’d advise guys to take it easy on the vests. And I think be cautious with hats … because there’s an 80 percent chance that you’re gonna look like a complete idiot. Get a couple of opinions before you walk out that door. And enough with the scarves. Everybody put the scarves back in the drawer, unless it’s cold. Ladies with scarves? Great. Guys? Fuckin’ take it easy.

Also, he and Aziz bond over fashion on the Parks and Recreation set all the time. “I don’t think we’ve ever talked about sports, but we do talk about where that jacket came from.”

Adam Scott and Aziz Ansari Discuss Fashion