Celebrating the Tennis Hunks Through the Years


Today marks the start of the U.S. Open. Tennis stars like Novak Djokovic, Roger Federer, and Maria Sharpova (who, can we take a moment to appreciate, went from this to this) will be taking to the courts with fans like Anna Wintour, Beyonce, and Jay-Z in the stands. While it doesn’t quite fill that Ryan Lochte-shaped hole in our hearts left by the Olympics, the Open does have high potential for man-ogling. Though these guys don’t seem to get naked nearly as often as the Olympic dudes,  their propensity for long, Fabio-esque hair, passionate demeanors, and of course, athletic bods, makes them drool-worthy in their own right. Click ahead to get a nice, long look at a curly haired James Blake, a mullet-sporting, jorts-wearing Andre Agassi, and a baby-faced Pete Sampras in our slideshow.

Celebrating Tennis Hunks Through the Years