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Colcci Retains Ashton Kutcher and Alessandra Ambrosio for Another Season’s Campaign

Ashton Kutcher and Alessandra Ambrosio continue in their roles as Brazilian fashion brand Colcci’s campaign stars, with their new ads for the label’s 2012-13 spring/summer collection dropping today. The pair shot the ads back in June, posing merrily with all the chemistry you’d imagine comes from getting together four or five times a year for sultry shoots like this — sensual stares, bodies nuzzled, and hands tucked in each others’ waistbands like it’s quintessentially territorial young love. Alessandra posed topless for a few of the images (still SFW, thanks to a well-placed forearm), but Ashton got to keep his shirt on throughout. See their full set of campaign shots here.

Colcci Keep Kutcher, Ambrosio for Another Season