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Count the Photoshop Blunders in This Terrible New Top Model Ad

America’s Next Top Model’s nineteenth cycle debuts later this month. As previously reported, the new season — featuring Tyra and returning judge Kelly Cutrone, as well as new judge/sexpot Rob Evans and Bryanboy doing something with an iPad each week — is a “college edition,” with all the wannabe models enrolled in higher education of some, occasionally tenuous, sort. (So, start placing your bets on how many times an episode Tyra references her recent graduation from Harvard Business School.)

The first promo posters rely heavy on the “sexy collegiate” trope, while Tyra seems to have lost a fight with her crimper. Crimper! Far be it from us to criticize some poor intern’s rushed retouching, but, well, it’s a bit of a mess: pointy kneecaps and inner-thigh blurring past the point of no return. Click to see the picture in larger form so you can find more Photoshop no-nos on your own, and enjoy the cycle’s first teaser video for the madness to come here.

Count the Photoshop Blunders in This New ANTM Ad