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‘Lesbian Chic’ Is ‘Trendy’ for Fashion Week!

Lesbians! Photo: Corbis

“Lesbians! They’re everywhere,” trumpets Style.com in a piece about trendy topics for New York Fashion Week. Yes, apparently girls liking girls is “in” this season, along with lots of fur and that oxblood red color that everyone’s going on about. Maybe next spring, all the gay dudes will decide to go straight! You know fashion — always changing things up. 

From Style.com:

What will this high-vis lady love mean for fashion? Socially, perhaps it means that in an industry stuffed with attractive young women, a few more of them may start dating each other. 

Because when everyone’s so pretty, it’s amazing that fashion shows aren’t just one huge orgy, right? Anyway, this “trend” is certainly convenient — instead of making awkward conversation with your front-row seatmates at fashion shows, you can just make out with them. That certainly puts the kibosh on worrying about whether to go in for the single, double, or even triple cheek-kiss — just head for the lips, ladies. Everyone’s doing it.

‘Lesbian Chic’ Is ‘Trendy’ for Fashion Week!