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Lady Gaga’s Giant, Fluffy Weave Is the Breakout Star of Vogue’s Behind-the-Scenes Video

Gaga’s fantastically tall, puffy mane of fake blond hair — which brings to mind everything from dandelion fluff to cotton balls to bunny butts — is the clear centerpiece of her new Vogue cover. Luckily, it’s also the main focus of Vogue’s behind-the-scenes video of the cover shoot, which is predictably set to Gaga’s song “Hair” (because it’s the new makeup, remember?). Watch this diva weave sit haughtily atop a mannequin head, get manually brushed and prodded into a halo of gauzy magnificence, and then blow around (but not too much, thanks to copious amounts of hairspray) in wind machines. Also, it bounces grudgingly when Gaga hops up and down and probably smells like cigarette smoke now. 

Gaga’s Giant Weave Is the Star of Vogue’s Video