Global Street Style: From Tokyo to Tbilisi and Beyond


Fashion with a capital F might be made by an elite few, but as hundreds of global street-style blogs prove, it never gets boring to track the trends of how regular women and men get dressed each day. The Cut tapped photographers in more than twenty cities, from perennials like Paris and London to less documented territory like Nairobi and Tbilisi (that’s in Georgia, but you knew that, right?). We found short skirts in Seoul, bold red lips in Moscow, tomboys in Dubai, turbans in Capetown, bowler hats in Bali, metalheads in Beirut, and one universal truth: All over the world, everybody looks good in sunglasses. Each week, The Cut will feature a gallery from a new city; in the meantime, take a sneak peek at some of our favorite looks from around the world.

Global Street Style: Tokyo, Tbilisi, and Beyond