Prince Harry’s Naked Photos Subject of Palace’s Wrath

The Sun's replica of the Prince Harry nude photo.
The Sun’s replica of the Prince Harry nude photo. Photo: The Sun

Buckingham Palace confirmed today that they’ve contacted the Press Complaints Commission (yes, such a thing exists in England) to claim that the nude photos of Prince Harry taken in Vegas constitute an invasion of privacy, according to the BBC. Although the Palace didn’t file a formal complaint — presumably the conversation was more akin to a “stern talking to” — a spokesman for the PCC stated, “They thought Prince Harry had a reasonable right to privacy, being in a private hotel.”

No British newspapers have published the photos so far, although it’s hard to say whether that’s out of respect for the Royal family’s wishes or because they don’t want to get sued by TMZ, who purchased the photos for an estimated £10,000 (about $16K). Even famously shameless U.K. tabloid the Sun reenacted the incident with stand-in models instead of running the image (shown; sadly, they couldn’t find a redhead to play Harry, there’s no pool cue, and their necklace prop is but a shoddy replica). But onto a far more important subject: Who took these scandalous photos? No one appears to know, not even the Prince’s “protection officers,” who were supposedly in the room when they were shot. 

One thing’s for sure, though: the camera phone ingenue was not Ryan Lochte, who not only adamantly insisted on this morning’s Today show that he “was NOT there,” but doesn’t even really know Prince Henry Harry’s name. He does recall the whole racing-in-the-club-pool incident, however, which is worth a watch.

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Harry’s Naked Photos Subject of Palace’s Wrath