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Karl by Karl Lagerfeld: Part Two; The Sartorialist on Who Says ‘No’

Photo: Vogue Turkey

• The second installment of Karl by Karl Lagerfeld hits Net-a-Porter tomorrow. [Vogue UK]

• Also launching tomorrow: Nicole Richie’s first fragrance, Nicole. These names are so creative. [People StyleWatch]

• Is there anyone in the world who would decline having his or her photograph taken by The Sartorialist? “Older European women are very difficult. Older women, in general, say no all the time. They’re just very vain. And girls who are pretty, who’ve always been pretty. Not models — like the prom queen. They’re like, ‘Oh my god my beauty is such a curse! Nooo!’ They’re not really into fashion, because they’ve always been pretty. It doesn’t happen very often, because they rarely dress well. They dress so-so, because they’ve always gotten attention whether they want it or not. But I almost always know those girl[s] are going to be like, ‘No! Not again!’” [Elle]

• Natasha Poly covers Vogue Turkey’s September issue. [Design Scene]

• Women in their forties and older are shying away from “boring Upper East Side hair” and going for “wild colors and innovative hairstyles” instead. Mommy, why? [NYT]

Karl by Karl Lagerfeld: Part Two