Lady Gaga’s ‘Progressive Brunette’ and Other Political Hair Colors

Photo: Lady Gaga/Twitter

Lady Gaga announced on Twitter today that she’d ditched her blonde hair in favor of a shade called “Louis Vuitton Brown.”

“Definitely feeling less blond lately,” she wrote, “and little more progressive brunette.”

While we’d never associated her new, more natural-looking shade with progressivism, Gaga had a point. Theodore Roosevelt, Robert La Follette, Dennis Kucinich … who among them has known the acrid scent of hydrogen peroxide? Even Flo, the mascot of the Progressive insurance company, is a rich, coffee-colored brunette. Once we started thinking about it, we saw ideological hair color everywhere.  

There’s Ann Coulter’s conservative blonde, and its cousins, Callista Gingrich’s Republican-wife blonde and Megyn Kelly’s Fox News blonde. Even though she’s fictional, Lisbeth Salander pretty much defined anarchist black, and her fellow hacker Julian Assange is making stateless exile gray work for him. And then there are all those ginger monarchs, whose recessively royal reds, like their titles, could only be genetically inherited.

As a marriage equality advocate, Gaga had no choice but to go back to brown.

Lady Gaga Goes ‘Progressive Brunette’