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One of Lanvin’s Models Suffers From ‘Phone Misplacia’

In this clip, the regular folks who posed for Alber Elbaz’s fall campaign tell the camera a bit about themselves. Some standout tidbits: “I eat a lot of frozen blueberries. It’s really weird, but they taste good,” “I have over 200 salt and pepper shakers in my house,” “I’m without wheels, so it sucks, man. It really sucks,” and, most notably, “I just looked into some study and they said, like, there’s a new, like, disease called like ‘Phone Misplacia’ or something like that. I’m not sure of the exact name, but it’s like, if you don’t have your phone, you, like, get sick and you don’t feel good. So, like, that happens to me all of the time.” We can hear you now. We hear you.

Lanvin Model Suffers From ‘Phone Misplacia’