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Liberty Ross Posts Cryptic Vogue Blog Entry

Liberty Ross.
Liberty Ross. Photo: Ben Pruchnie/2011 Getty Images

We’ve spent the past twenty minutes combing through ornithology websites in an attempt to identify the species of bird that Liberty Ross posted to her blog on British Vogue’s website today. Titled simply “LIBERTY” and featuring no other text, it’s the first entry she’s made since the Kristen Stewart affair went down. One can assume that, what with all of Liberty’s revenge outfits and ring-less finger-waving, this image of a large bird spreading its wings is meant to be a statement of freedom and independence. But whether the bird is a vulture or a hawk also seems noteworthy (we’ve ruled out eagle because the coloring is wrong). If it’s a hawk, maybe Liberty intends to wheel about in sunny blue skies and search the ground for smaller, weaker animals to prey on. Alternatively, if it’s a vulture, she plans to ravage some roadkill and pick the bones clean. See, no metaphors there, none at all!