post-olympic fever

Ryan Lochte Is Considering ‘Multiple Offers’ for a Fashion Line

Practicing. Photo: Cameron Spencer/Getty Images

It’s no surprise that Lochte’s post-Olympic plans include pursuing his lifelong dream of fashion design. His agent, Erika Wright, tells the Hollywood Reporter that he’s gotten “offers” — plural! — for a fashion line, and that he’s also considering some reality-TV concepts. Or better yet, perhaps he’ll entertain some combination of the above? Just picture this scene: Lochte draping fabric over a mannequin, squinting at a troubling seam, grasping his siccors — er, scissors to snip off a ruffle, and stomping his diamond grill into tiny pieces with frustration. Now that’d be entertainment! (And if that doesn’t work out, there’s always Dancing With the Stars.)

Lochte Has ‘Multiple Offers’ for a Fashion Line