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Madonna’s Brother Wants to Pick Up a News Story That Doesn’t Refer to Him as ‘Madonna’s Brother’

Photo: Ralph Notaro/Getty Images

Madonna’s brother Christopher Ciccone gave Footwear News a preview of his Ciccone Collection, the shoe line he plans to debut during London Fashion Week. Previously called “groundbreaking” (by Ciccone himself), his offerings include your standard rubber boots — with a logo inspired by Georgia O’Keeffe’s 1936 painting Deer’s Skull with Pedernal, naturally — and orthopedic-looking sneakers, priced from $200 to $250. Ciccone explained, “For my first collection, I didn’t want to go completely crazy,” mentioning that he’s already working on items for his second season, and that he eventually hopes to develop an entire lifestyle brand. But as his September 14 presentation approaches, he said, “The thing that concerns me is the legitimacy factor … Madonna will always be my sister. At some point, though, I would like to be able to pick up [a news story] that says, ‘Christopher Ciccone, footwear designer,’ instead of ‘Madonna’s brother designs footwear.’” This isn’t it. Sorry, bro.

Madonna’s Brother Sick of ‘Madonna’s Brother’