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Model Hannah Holman Likes Designing ‘Earthy Jewelry,’ Shooting Wild Cougars

This is not Holman's hunting outfit.
This is not Holman’s hunting outfit. Photo: Imaxtree’s helpful “Model Slash” series details the relative normalcy of models’ lives between their catwalk struts and photo shoots — because they’re just like us, don’t you know, except more beautiful. The latest profile features native Utahan Hannah Holman, who spends her time off-season designing “earthy, raw” jewelry (working in collaboration with Katie Hillier, a designer for Marc by Marc Jacobs) and hunting big game. In fact, blessed not just in the genetic lottery but in the draw for government-allocated hunting permits too, Holman recently won permission to shoot her very own cougar.

Says the model, “We went out with a friend who is a hunting guide and knows exactly which peaks and little valleys they hang out in. Mountain lions often hang out up in trees but this [cougar] went into a cave. [Ed note: perhaps because it didn’t want to be shot and killed.] I was scared it was going to attack us and took a few shots with a .30-30 rifle but ran out of bullets, so my dad handed me his pistol and that was the lucky shot.” Not so lucky for the cougar, of course. 

Model Hannah Holman Likes Shooting Cougars